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5 Things B2B Companies Can Do to Humanize Their Brand

B2B companies must constantly evolve to win customers and build their business. In the present, that looks like connecting with buyers on a personal level.

Unlike ten years ago, today’s B2B businesses work to humanize their brands and create a sense of vulnerability and authenticity with their customers. Keep reading to learn 5 things your B2B company can do to humanize your brand and connect with customers.

Be Genuine

Authenticity is the greatest driver of customer loyalty –– especially in B2B marketing. Your brand should remain consistent in every aspect of your marketing, sales, customer service, and across all other departments. When customers come to you, they should know exactly what to expect.

Creating a company culture of authenticity and sincerity does only good things for your business. When you let your company’s values drive your processes, you maintain consistency, which your customers want.

As you shape your B2B marketing strategy, consider how you can solidify your brand’s voice, values, and goals. Knowing these things helps you implement campaigns built around your brand and keep those campaigns consistent. And when your customers see that you’re being genuine and authentic from the beginning, you cultivate trust and long-term relationships.

Showcase the People Behind the Scenes

B2B customers want to buy from real people; they want to see the person on the other side of emails and phone calls. Showcasing your team members on your site or socials allows your customers to get a peek behind the curtain, building trust.

Humanize your B2B brand by featuring photographs of your team. Publish candid shots that show everyone having a good time and enjoying one another’s company. You can also showcase specific employees and share fun information like their hobbies, favorite part of their job, etc. Spotlight your employees on social media. A shift from product-focused to people-focused communicates deeper sincerity and authenticity while highlighting your greatest asset: your team.

Welcoming your customers to know your team makes your brand more approachable and accessible. Introducing buyers to the people who handle their accounts and take care of their concerns makes them feel valued and at ease.

Make Customers Laugh

B2B marketing has a reputation for being stuffy and boring, but making people laugh piques their curiosity and keeps them engaged as they learn more about who you are. Being funny is a sure-fire way to humanize your brand and endear customers to your company. Below are just a few ways humor helps your B2B business win:

Funny content causes readers to associate your brand with laughter and positivity.

Being funny is a courageous move –– not many B2B businesses are employing this marketing technique.

Funny content gets shared, bringing more traffic to your site.

Customers want to work with a company that’s relatable. Using humor in your branding makes you approachable and puts buyers at ease.

Personalize Communication

Buyers expect personalization in your communication with them. Personalized communication conveys more intentional care and attention for your customers. Utilizing a CRM platform aids you in addressing your customers’ specific needs.

CRM platforms allow you to better manage customer interactions and capture key information generated during those interactions. You can then take that data and build unique solutions for each of your customers.

Knowing your buyers’ pain points and then specifically addressing them builds customer loyalty. Personalizing your communication with your customers makes your B2B brand more human, fostering effective communication and creating more points of contact with buyers.

Create a Consistent Customer Experience

People are at the center of every brand –– including yours. Build a customer experience that makes every customer feel like the focus of your company with seamless transitions across all channels and platforms.

Your brand’s voice should be consistent from socials to your site to marketing and sales to customer care. At every step of the buying journey, your customers should know with certainty that you care about them, their business, and provide the same high-level personalized attention in every area of your company.

Consistency across the board gives buyers confidence in what you can provide while humanizing your brand.


Humanizing your B2B brand is all about making yourself accessible to potential buyers. When you’re authentic in your branding and marketing, customers are more apt to put their trust –– and resources –– in your hands. Contact the team at Huumon today to learn how we can help you connect with buyers and cultivate authentic branding.