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How to Increase the SEO Visibility of Website Service Pages

Your services pages answer the most important questions potential customers have about your business: what services you offer and why you’re the best option. As a result, increase the visibility of your service pages and draw more business to your site.

Build Internal Links

Link building has long been revered as one of the most important SEO strategies you can employ. Two types of link building exist within SEO: internal linking and backlinking.

You create backlinks when you link to other sites from your own. Internal linking, as you might have guessed, is when you link internally on your site. Internal links share authority from high-traffic pages to other pages that might have less organic traffic.

Internal linking accomplishes two things for your SEO:

  1. First, links enable search engines to discover other pages on your site, adding them to their SERPs.
  2. Links allow your high-traffic pages to share some of their authority with other pages on your site.

Linking building is a necessary component of every SEO strategy. So, it makes sense that when you’re creating a specific strategy to increase the visibility of your services pages, you will implement internal linking. Internal linking to and on your services page gets attention from Google’s crawlers and visitors to your site.

Most users who come to your site from Google’s SERPs won’t find themselves on your services page. Instead, they’ll likely land on an article, blog post, or even your home page. These are the pages you want to link to your services page.

When building links, focus on incorporating them on your higher-traffic pages. Google sees high-traffic and authoritative pages and transfers that authority to your services page.

Infuse Keywords Into Service Descriptions

Your services page is an ideal place to focus on keywords and relevant content. Users search Google for the services they want and that you provide. So incorporate targeted keywords into your services page to boost your SEO and bring those users to your site.

Service descriptions are the perfect vehicle for keywords, but highly detailed service descriptions also serve your customers. When a user lands on your services page, explain exactly what you do and why they need you to do it.

The goal of increasing your services page visibility is to increase conversions. And the best way to turn site visitors into paying customers is to clearly explain what you offer and how they’ll benefit from purchasing from you.

Include Relevant Content to Match User Queries

If you’ve been in the SEO sphere for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the saying “Content is king.” And that’s because the content remains a primary way search engines find your pages, index them, and rank them for their users.

Any time you want to increase a page’s rank and visibility, create relevant and useful content. Google ranks your pages according to how helpful they will be to user searches. So if your pages appeal to users and provide solutions to their issues, they’ll be happy. And so will Google.

As you’re crafting your services pages, create blocks of text that meet customer needs and answer their questions. For example, you can include information about your business, such as history or the things that set you apart from your competition. You can also include FAQs at the bottom of your services pages. This proactively answers questions users will have about what you do and how your services will benefit them.

Organic inclusion of great content attracts Google to your service pages, earning them higher rankings and more traffic. And as you know, more traffic translates into more conversions.

Optimize for Local SEO

If you’re looking to gain more local traffic to your site, optimize your services pages for local SEO. According to one study, nearly 50 percent of all Google searches are for local products or services. So focusing on local SEO on your services pages not only increases their visibility, but it puts your site in front of the people who are ready to buy.

Targeting local keywords, adding positive reviews, and even embedding a Google Map into your services page optimizes your SEO for local users. When you target local users on your services page, you’re increasing your visibility in local searches, earning better rankings in the SERPs.


Strategic optimization of your services pages not only increases your visibility, but it delivers a better user experience and earns more conversions. Contact the 320 Digital team today to boost your service page visibility and grow your business s