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Content Strategy & SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation and strategy services for the web that boost website traffic, increase brand awareness, and fuel lead growth strategies.

Over a decade of creating content strategies that build brands.

With over a decade of web content strategy and marketing knowledge,  businesses must adopt a brand-as-publisher approach to compete within Google and grow MQLs and SQLs from online channels.

We provide organic website content services that include SEO content creation and web content strategy to help your business perform better across multiple online channels.


Our Why

We believe that project efficiency, building trusted friendships, and genuinely caring about client success should be what defines a content strategy agency.

What Clients Say

Content Strategy Services

A website content plan is a logical path to better content performance.

Our content strategy agency’s process helps create content marketing benchmarks and goals, analyze your current content, define new content, and provide ongoing publishing guidelines, frameworks, and a content governance plan; to earn traffic, build brand value, and help your users.


Content Audit

Understanding which website content isn’t performing is key to optimizing your website for users and web conversions.

Our content audit steps include:

Step 1: Define content goals
Step 2: Take a content inventory
Step 3: Gather content asset data
Step 4: Map your current content to user needs
Step 5: Create a content plan to address issues
Step 6: Define a governance strategy
Step 7: Create a content metrics dashboard

linchpin content creation

SEO Content Creation Services

Great content builds brands, increases website traffic, and helps position industry leaders.

Our collaborative SEO content creation services begin with an ideation and topic definition session. The content sets are then defined, created, and published, and KPIs are measured.


Content Management Strategy

A content management strategy plan helps keep content fresh and up to date and limits ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial) content that users and Google dislikes.

Our enterprise content management strategy team will audit your website content and provide a strategy to help you manage your web content to keep it fresh and engaging for users and worthy of ranking by Google.


IA Strategy Services

A poorly organized website and UX architecture are the biggest inhibitors of content consumption and findability.

Our UX and IA architects help you define the best website architecture, fill the content gaps, and organize your sitemap to align with what your customers and Google expects.

Recent Content Case Study


120% increase

in traffic to products

72% increase

in organic reach

4188% increase

in blog traffic

Bill has been great.

I’ve worked with him at two different companies, and he’s been so flexible to help us with exactly what we needed and keep the cost within our budget. When we relaunched our website, Bill walked us through the steps necessary to grow our site visits. In the time I’ve worked with Bill, we’ve tripled the organic traffic to our site.

Sarah Leitz
Director of Product Marketing

What is content strategy for the web?

Web content is much more than just content strategy best practices. So what is content strategy for the web?

Web content strategy is planning for the creation, organization, publication, measurement, and governance of content to help position a brand effectively across multiple channels.


Content strategy best practices

As mentioned above, content strategy is much more than just a set of best practices; however, some must be followed to succeed.

The keys to content marketing include:

  • Know your goals and users’ needs.
  • Understand how user’s speak about a topic.
  • Be useful, stay up-to-date, and factual
  • Be accessible to all people.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be able to be found in search.

What is content governance?

Content governance is the framework to manage, create, and publish web content.

The benefits of a content governance plan are that it helps define content priorities and guidelines and assigns strategic ownership to people within your company.

A content governance plan or strategy aims to maintain content efficiency throughout the content lifecycle.


What is the content lifecycle?

Producing compelling, valuable, and sustainable content that users engage with and Google loves means that you need to understand and follow a consistent content lifecycle. In general, content lifecycles include the following:

  • Audit and Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Measure
  • Maintain and Manage

How to choose a content creation company

When searching for the best web content creation services, there are a few things to check before hiring a company.

  • Review their current website content.
  • Do they create long-form content?
  • Do they have a holistic approach?
  • Do they outsource content to the lowest bidder?
  • Do they have an internal content team?
  • Do they provide a list of people writing your content?

Recent Content Case Study

reprocell 320 Digital

124% increase

in blog reach

263% increase

in organic traffic

331% increase

in organic blog traffic

157% increase

in key product pages organic traffic

320 Digital is the gold standard in search engine optimization.

Thanks to their guidance we have seen a dramatic increase in organic website traffic and inquiries. Bill has been a delight to work with and was available to answer any questions we had about SEO and related topics. He has a comprehensive technical understanding of SEO and was able to explain these complicated topics to our team no matter their level of experience. I highly recommend 320 Digital to anyone looking to improve their organic reach and traffic.

Zara Puckrin
Marketing Manager, Reprocell

What is web information architecture?

Website IA includes organizing, structuring, and labeling content and navigational elements to help users (and Google) understand, interact and consume the information effectively and efficiently.

The four components of IA are:

  • Organization systems
  • Labeling systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Search systems

The benefits of a good website IA

  • It makes website navigation easier for users
  • Categorizes the information in a logical way
  • It helps users find relevant information
  • Attracting new users by providing meaningful content
  • Retains existing customers by meeting their needs
  • Improves content findability and SEO rankings
  • Reducing the time and effort required for content maintenance