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Effective Strategies to Encourage Customers to Leave Business Reviews

One of the quickest ways to grow your customer base is by good old word-of-mouth marketing. This is an extremely effective strategy and is completely free for a business, as their customers do the client-getting for them. However, in the technologically advanced world we live in, word-of-mouth is no longer face-to-face; instead, it’s done through online business reviews. So today, we’re going to take a look at the top 15 strategies to encourage your existing customers to leave you good reviews online.

1.) Put A Call-To-Action Button On Your Site

This may seem overly simple, but getting more customers to leave you a review online can be done by asking them to do so. If your customers are overly satisfied with the services or products that you create, they’ll be more than glad to leave you a review. Your website designer can craft a unique-looking button or link out to the review page in text, such as “Please review our business on Yelp” on your website. Call-to-action buttons have been proven to work time and time again.

2.) Post To Social Media

A great way to get instant access to your customer base to ask for reviews is social media. It’s no surprise to many that individuals utilize social media sites multiple times per day. This means they will likely see your post asking for reviews of your business the same day you ask. This strategy is best used occasionally, and your message should be a short one. Call their attention to where they can leave a review and why you would appreciate their feedback. Another great tactic you can use with social media is encouraging your customers to ‘check in’ at your location on their Facebook profile page. When they do so, Facebook will email them to request a review of your business the following day.

3.) Follow Up Emails

If you deal with your customers through email, you should utilize this communication outlet to ask for reviews. A good practice is to have a general template that you can use for all your customers, with a few areas left open for customization. You don’t want to mass send every one of our clients a generic email. Instead, be sure to include their name, your past interactions, and the products or services you’ve provided them with. This more personal touch will remind them of your relationship and make them more likely to leave you a review.

4.) Create An Instruction Guide

Not everyone is familiar with using online review services, and you should keep that in mind. They haven’t left you a review yet because they don’t know how to or didn’t know the review site existed. So take the time to write a step-by-step guide on how to leave reviews on the website of your choosing. You can distribute this guide through email, social media, or in person.

5.) Use Call-To-Actions On Your Receipts

Every one of your customers will be given a receipt for their purchase of your products or services. Use that opportunity to put your call-to-action about reviewing your business in front of them. This works for both paper and electronic receipts. Businesses like Chipotle utilize this strategy at the bottom of their receipts and have shown significant customer response.

6.) Personally Ask Them

This simple strategy can do wonders for the number of business reviews that you receive. Take the time to ask every customer you deal with to leave your business a review. Throwing in a few reasons why it’s crucial for your business can help too. For example, most people are more moved to take action and write a review when they have made a personal connection with you.

7.) Incentives

If you’re having issues with getting more reviews, you can always offer incentives for doing so. A monthly or weekly giveaway to a random customer that leaves you a review can be a good strategy. Incentives can be discounts to your business services or products in the future, cash, or other cool prizes. You want to offer anything that will push your customers into spending their valuable time writing your business a review.

8.) allow being Featured On Your YouTube Channel

Some customers like to be in the spotlight, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage when leveraging it for more business reviews. Encourage your customers to send you a review video they created about your business. You can then upload these videos to your business’s YouTube channel to create a playlist of reviews. Your customer is happy they are featured on your YouTube channel for other customers to see and you get more reviews.

9.) Call Your Clients Up And Ask

If you have been in business for a while, you likely have customers you may not have seen face-to-face in a while. This is especially true for businesses that see clients only a few times a year. By taking the time to specifically call these customers and ask them to review your business, you can get more reviews. This is a great way to connect with your customers and institute sharing your business with other people.

10.) Use Offline Tactics To Share Your Online Review Pages

Many online review sites, such as Yelp and Foursquare, have window clings and stickers available for purchase. You can purchase these products and hang them up at your business. This forms the connection with your existing clients that you have a review page on these websites. This works especially well for brick-and-mortar businesses that retain consumer presence for long periods, such as sit-in restaurants and gyms. The longer your customers are at your business and see these logos, the more likely they are to take a second to leave you a review.

11.) Display Your Existing Reviews

An effective strategy to remind customers to leave you a review is to display the current reviews you already have and where they are from. You can do this on your website or even at your offline location. Customers are more encouraged to write you a review as they may be featured on your next showcase of reviews.

12.) Incentivize Employees

Make getting reviews an optional task for your employees. These are the people that usually interact with your customers daily. Encourage your employees to get your customers to leave reviews about the service they performed and your business in general. Those who get mentioned in reviews can receive an extra incentive. This tends to work well to keep employees motivated and start a friendly challenge amongst your team to help the business perform better.

13.) QR Postcards

People who receive personalized mail from a business they are familiar with are more likely to read what it has to say than mail from companies they’ve never heard of before. You can use this information to your advantage by using snail mail to contact your customers. In addition, you should use a QR that directly links them to the review site of your choosing. Finally, remember that anything you can do to make things easier for your customers to write their reviews will encourage more to do so.

14.) QR Code Review Business Cards

As you learned above, making reviewing your business as simple as possible will allow you to get the most amount of reviews possible. A QR code is an easy way to let customers access your review page directly without typing in the address. In addition, by imprinting your QR code on unique review business cards that encourage customers to leave you a review, you can give your customers the convenience of taking the card with them to complete the assessment later that works better for them.

15.) Drop-In A Slip With Each Order

One strategy you can implement right away is simply printing out a slip of paper asking for customers to leave you a review and then inserting the slip into product boxes or bags along with the receipt. This is a quick and easy way to let your customers know that you value their reviews of your business. You can get as creative as you want with these by adding multiple review sites and even QR codes.

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