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Legal Marketing & Industry Trends Shaping 2023

The legal industry is a field that many people find extremely appealing. Law is also an area that impacts many people’s lives in a highly direct way. People need lawyers in many stages of life, from marriage to work and beyond. These trends are expected to impact many areas of the law and its practice. Those who follow the industry closely see that retiring baby boomers, new technology, and global expansion will continue to play an important role in the lives of lawyers and their many clients. Change is the only constant in this industry.

Baby Boomer Impact

The baby boomers remain one of the largest of all generations. As they continue to retire in large numbers, this process will impact all areas of the country and the workforce. The same is true of the legal field. Like other fields, the seventy-five million members of this cohort will have a massive impact on the legal industry. Lawyers can expect increased demand for help with areas of the law, such as retirement planning and handing on one’s assets to the next generation. They can also expect increased demand for areas of the law that pertain to the legal field. Adult children want to ensure their parents are protected no matter where they live and what they do as they age. A lawyer can provide assistance with help navigating the nursing home field. They can also help by ensuring the grandparent’s assets remain intact even as they age.

Electronic Discovery

Legal procedures can be highly complicated. It’s no wonder that efforts are in place to help streamline this process and make it easier. New technology has impacted all areas of the law and will continue to do so this year. Part of the process is an area of law known as discovery. This process is one in which both sides examine what available items are relevant to any case. This process can be complicated and require a great deal of effort. A technology known as e-discovery means that each person involved has the tech support they need to make this process easier and less stressful as any legal process continues. The industry is now over two billion. It’s only expected to continue to see increased revenues this year and going forward.

Global Legal Markets

The legal field is not only local. It’s also an industry with great growth in other parts of the world. Globalization is likely to impact many lawyers’ decisions as they decide which areas of the law are most important. The global legal services markets will be over 5.7 billion and are expected to continue to grow. Given how huge this market section remains, it is not surprising that law firms are looking for ways to expand directly into this field. They are also looking for ways to see how they can harness a share of the global legal field as it pertains to the markets in the United States by investors overseas. The opportunity for this kind of legal interaction will continue to drive the markets and law firm planning.

Increased Demand

Legal services are one of the most important industries in the world markets. Those who watch the industry very carefully expect increased demand for legal services to continue to be part of the scene. With a more than one percent industry growth level in the previous year, this trend is expected to continue to see additional and further growth. This increased demand in the industry can and will be met in many different ways. It’s a good idea for those planning to enter this industry for the first time to be aware of what prospects they can expect. Understanding the kind of law areas that are likely to see growth is also something that all new legal entrants should understand before deciding to make this field their own. Similar growth is possible in the new year for many areas of law.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Lawyers everywhere are looking for ways to make all legal processes more efficient and ensure all lawyers on staff can get things done. Efficient help comes in many forms. One way that is seeing increased use in the new year is with the help of a process that is being called legal process outsourcing. This process means breaking down varied areas of law and thinking best about how to reduce all kinds of related expenses. Using this kind of legal help means having much lower costs in many law practice areas. Experts expect to see this industry to see revenues of over thirty-five billion. Many industry insiders feel this brings in new opportunities for those who can take full advantage of them and provide the labor that lawyers in the United States and worldwide need to do their jobs well.

Limits on Billable Hours

Traditionally, lawyers have been expected to bill at least 1950 hours yearly to earn a top salary. These hours can impact the lawyer’s ability to balance work and life concerns. It can make it harder for them to concentrate on legal matters at work. This is where efforts are afoot to change this process. Judicial bodies are looking for ways to make practicing law less stressful, even for new associates. One proposal that is seriously being studied is limiting the number of hours that any given associate must bill in a year. This process will impact associates’ lives at some of the nation’s largest firms. It’s also a process that should impact how business is done at smaller legal firms.

Mergers and Acquisition

Business law remains driven by many factors. One such factor is that of companies engaged in the process of mergers and acquisitions. This business requires much legal attention for everything to be done right. This economy sector is anticipated to bring nearly five billion as it has in previous years. Law firms everywhere are poised to take advantage of these stats with innovative solutions that all firms need to ensure that this process is completed by local laws. Those who look at the world of business law see that law firms with a specialty in this area of law are likely to continue to experience great growth for their services. Business law is likely to be a growth field for many law firms in the United States and other parts of the world.

New Path For Big Law Firms

Many of the nation’s largest law firms are looking for new ways to provide all sorts of help to their clients. Big law firms are those that not only make law. They’re also firms that help provide assistance for other firms and others of law. At the same time, big law firms also have a reputation for being very expensive. To combat this image, they are attempting to be part of the eleven billion industry known as the new law. Part of this process also means being able to hire lawyers on a contract basis. Doing so enables such firms to find the flexibility they need to respond to legal industry challenges. This responsiveness should enable them to keep up with their competitors and enjoy fiscal success.

Paralegal Jobs

Paralegals are people who help lawyers do their jobs better. Many people choose to enter this field for varied reasons. Some are looking to see if the legal field is right for them. Others are looking to make some money as part-time jobs while choosing to engage in other activities, such as caring for a loved one. As lawyers expand into new markets, they will need to find the kind of support for their legal ventures that can make all the difference in succeeding in the world. Those who want to choose this kind of profession will find a welcome hand as they do so. The American government estimates higher than average job growth for this profession. That makes it a good choice for anyone considering getting a certificate to enter this part of the economy.


Many workers are thinking about ways they can balance their need for work with their desire to enjoy the world around them. For them, life is about making a living, but it’s also about being part of the greater community. The same is very much true when it comes to the legal profession. With job growth exceeding 180,000 in the United States each month, many people, including those in the law profession, are finding it possible to pick and choose which job most appeals to them. They are also finding that it is a good idea to think about having a part-time job in the legal field. Part-time allows people to earn the money they need to pay their bills and pay down any law school debt simultaneously; it also allows the law firm to have additional staff on hand all year long.