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Using Research to Find Content Marketing Opportunities

Your content marketing strategy should be persona-oriented and data-driven. You meet needs by providing the information users are looking for wrapped in on-brand packaging while boosting brand recognition and loyalty.

As you conduct content research, you can look for ways to connect with your audience in a meaningful way at every stage of their buyer’s journey. In this article, 320 Digital’s team explains how to use content research to find opportunities to engage and win over site visitors to grow your base and brand.

Social Listening

Social listening involves researching what people think about a brand, product, or topic. Social listening heavily informs your content strategy as it allows you to produce content that addresses the questions and perceptions people have about your brand –– and the broader market in which you exist.

Social listening provides many benefits to your brand, including empowering you to

  • Identify what people are talking about regarding your organization or brand.
  • Be aware of potential risks, including competitors and negative customer reviews.
  • Understand customer perception of your brand

Competitor Analysis

Monitoring and understanding your competition allows you to discover and analyze the kind of content your audience interacts with. By researching your competitor’s content, like their socials, site, and email campaigns, you can understand how they use content in their channels.  

Conducting a competitor content audit allows you to optimize your content strategy by doing the following:

  • Define content that earns traffic and conversions
  • Spot gaps in your content
  • Identify innovative ways your competition uses different channels and formats.
  • Remove content that isn’t unique or original to your brand

Your competition’s content strategy provides invaluable insight into your own. You can learn what works and potential mistakes to avoid. Analyze your competition’s content and content marketing strategy to learn how to best structure and produce yours.

 Content Topics

Before you determine your content topics, you must conduct keyword research to understand the terms your target audience is searching for. By learning what your audience seeks out, you can better create content that meets their needs –– and helps you reach your goals.

Keyword research guides content strategy and development. It allows content marketers to

  • Attract target visitors by creating the kind of content they’re searching for
  • Identify high-volume keywords to incorporate into content that draws visitors and customers to the site.
  • Determine content gaps by comparing new keywords to existing content topics
  • Analyze complex data regarding the content topics and themes users search for
  • Identify new opportunities based on emerging industry trends their audience is interested in

Defining Your Personality through Brand Storytelling

Regardless of your market or objectives and whether you’re intentional about creating it or not, your brand has a personality.

Users don’t think of brands as simply businesses. Most consumers intuitively consider brands as people with a story to tell. Your content shapes your brand personality and storytelling techniques.

We can divide content into three categories that enhance your brand personality: functional, emotional, and essential.

  1. Functional content is based on facts. Including news or announcements, functional content drives action and provides hard data regarding your business or brand.
  2. Emotional content allows you to connect with and relate to your audience. Emotional content shows users how your brand, products, or services provide solutions that meet their needs and improve their lives.
  3. Essential content is the basic data consumers need to know about your brand. Prices and contact information fall into this category.

Content research heavily influences how you present your brand and interact with users. As you conduct research for content creation, you’ll be met with a vast number –– and variety –– of opportunities to shape and reshape your content and your brand identity. Make yourself aware of these opportunities as you carry out research to create content efficiently and effectively for your brand.


At 320 Digital, we know the investment required to create quality content that’s on-brand and engaging. We provide content research and creative services that allow your business to reach your target audience while enhancing your brand identity.

Reach out to our team to begin a conversation today.